Regional Vision




  1. Team GenNext proposes to give maximum impetus to Y’s menettes and Y’s youth and lings activities focussing on women empowerment and youth involvement inspiring our Y’s Menettes and Y’s youth to give out their best.
  2. Team GenNext proposes to have increase in quality membership by reviving sick clubs and also promoting the creation of new clubs through proper orientation and guidance.
  3. Our Major Project “Be with the Needy” or “Sasneham” aims to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.  Even the smallest of kind gesture of helping an elderly or disabled person cross the road in heavy traffic will be an act of “Being with the Needy.”
  4. Our theme “Shape a Life with Love” and Slogan “Do it with Love” both have Love as the bonding factor.  Team GenNext proposes to do every task out of true passion and love.
  5. Our signature projects “Renal Care and Dialysis” and “Aid for Chemotherapy” aims to provide relief to numerous renal failure and cancer patients.
  6. Our Y’s Men projects “Home for the Homeless, Care for the aged and disabled and Share a Meal aims to provide solace to the homeless, relief to the sick and elderly and food to several hungry and weak persons.
  7. Our Y’s Menettes projects of “Go Green, Best out of Waste, and women empowerment reiterates our commitment to nature and social responsibility where we aim to plant several trees, eradicate waste and organize seminars and workshops for creating valuable opportunities for our menettes.
  8. With our Lings Major Project “Aid for Setting up of Libraries” all of our youth and lings from Mid West India Region are planning to come up with books, either used or new ones to set up a huge library at a truly deserving location.  This is going to be a major image building project for MWIR.
  9. Team GenNext also proposes to conduct medical camps, eye camps, seminars on cyber crime, narcotic abuse, computer literacy for the elderly and other relevant burning issues in our society.
  10. All in all, Team GenNext 2022-23 plans to do things differently with equal and active participation of our Y’s Men, Menettes, Youth and Lings.



Ym. George M Ambat

Regional Director



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