Regional Vision

Vision & Mission of RD 2021-22

Y’s Men International is always in the forefront in executing commendable community service projects to the society.  The beauty of the projects executed by Y’s Men is  that major share of the project costs are born by the members themselves.  In the past, we were able to execute wonderful projects like housing projects, cancer and palliative care, care for the aged, free heart surgery, free dialysis etc.  ‘Snehathode Y’s Men’ is the Regional project for this year. Love one another. In the words of the great poet Khalil Gibran: “Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Let love be a moving sea between the shores of our souls”. Let us lace all our actions with the nectar of love and affection.

The Major project ‘Renal Care and Dialysis’ is to help the needy by supporting in their dialysis. Minor project is ‘Children Our Future’.  Menettes projects are also there as was in the past.  I do not want to repeat these projects, as the concerned leaders will enlighten about them.

I have only small dreams.  I want to raise the standard of this Movement to the next level.  I will put in all my efforts to achieve this goal. I will strictly implement the principle of Time Management in the entire spectrum of our activities.  Maintenance of quality members will not be compromised. The bad precedent of paying membership dues by any third party should be abolished.  We should arrest the tendency of bogus membership as well as under reporting.  Healthy membership is always an asset to any Organisation.  Even if the growth is slow, I prefer to have healthy and committed membership rather than fictitious and bogus members. 

My theme is ‘Our Future Begins Today’. Yes I do truly believe that our future starts now. Past is past, - the dreams and aspirations for the future is what drives us to move forward. Let us take the good things from the past and learn to forget the bad and the worst. Future is bright and beautiful and let us strive hard to make it perfect.

My slogan is ‘Do it Now’. Procrastination is the worst habit which pulls back each and every one of us from attaining our goals. So let us not keep anything for tomorrow. If anything is to be done today, let us do it now so that the precious time is not lost and actions are not being delayed for want of time.

Our thrust should always be, to do service to the society.  By doing commendable and timely service to the society, the image of the Movement will precisely penetrate and remain in the minds of public.  The name and fame of Y’s Men should spread like wild fire. Thus each and every Y’s Men should be able to live in the minds of multitudes in the society.

I assure you that I will lead from the front and remain as a true Y’s Men with cent per cent sincerity, commitment and dedication and exhorts you to do the same. With all humility I accept the post of Regional Director of Mid West India Region 2016-17. Thank you.

Ym. Joseph Kottooran

Regional Director


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